Tender Details

Project ID : SUB-1001

Providing and Fixing GRC Panels in approved design and pattern , design thickness and colour The panels should be made from 53 grade white Portland cement of approved make in all designs and shapes and with 50-60 mm wide border and with minimum 25-30 mm thick internal members using synthetic organic pigments manufactured by BAYERFERROX or equiavalent casting should take place in synthetic rubber/FRP moulds manufactured by rectili orequiavlent, the fixing of screens should be dry fixing. i.e. to be done with stainless steel SS304 L Shaped bracket fastners and pins over MS Support frame for fixing the jali to the main structure price should be inclusive of fixing complete in all respects as per architectural drawing and as per direction of the Engineer-in-charge

Project Details : GRC Panel

Estimated cost : INR  4344

Project Sector:Building Project

Location : Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

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