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Project ID : SUB-343

Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project (RUIDP) Award work order for Jhunjhunu Water and Wastewater Project comprising of Design and Construction of Work of Water Supply and Sewage and Allied Works and Operation and Maintenance Services of the Entire System for 10 Years Estimate Project cost 237.5 Cr

Project Details : Design and construction of work of water supply distribution Network Improvement with house services connnections for Non Revenue water reduction and continus water supply construction of Reservoirs and pumping stations water transmission and all other allied work and construction of sewer Network Treatment plant Effuuent Reuser and Allied work and operation & Maintenance services of the Entire system GIS based consumer, Propeties and asset mapping surveys & Investifations, underground utolity mapping prepare consumer data base for total project area, Study, review update hydraulic modelling and other designs and prepare service improvement plan (SIP) for project area, Construction of clear water reservoir pumping stations and transmission mains etc. Distribution Network Improvement work including distribution network expansion in newarea metered house connections etc clear water transmission pippe lines of DI D-9-19 KM HDPE PE 100 PN-6/DI-K7 Distribution system Size 75 MM to

Estimated cost : INR  237.5 Cr

Project Sector:Water Sewerage Project

Location : Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, India

Scope Of Work: GIS ,Surveys ,civil ,pipe ,laying 

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