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M/s.Dinesh Chandra R.Agrawal Infracon Pvt.Ltd got a contract from Udaipur smart city limited for the construction of an elevated road in Rajasthan

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Project Details: CONSTRUCTION OF ELEVATED ROAD AT KUMHARON KA BHATTA ON SURAJPOLE PRATAPNAGAR ROAD, UDAIPUR, Estimate the value of Project 198627729.81 (L1) and Bidder Name as under.


Name of contractor : M/s.Dinesh Chandra R.Agrawal Infracon Pvt.Ltd

Date of award 11.09.2020

1M/s.Dinesh Chandra R.Agrawal Infracon Pvt.Ltd 198627729.8L1
2Bharti Construction Company204820149.17L2
3Jai Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.204859341.70L3
4sandal buildcon pvt ltd207935955.12L4
6M/s Ramesh Kumar Bansal224259642.86L6

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